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8 of the Best British Watchmakers For Men

A timeless classic or a utility of fast fashion, a watch is that accessory that has withheld the test of time as a fashion accessory for men. Whether that be worn on the wrist or in a pocket, nearly all of us at some point in our lives have experimented with these time pieces.

Whilst some companies have a unique selling point of style, cost-per-wear ratio and affordability, others are more luxury pieces that boast painstaking craftsmanship.

No matter which is more your category or type, it is for sure that some of the best brands out there on the market are British. In terms of style, quality and even craftsmanship.

Check out 8 of the best that we have picked out, below.


A truly British brand that focuses on modern looks with practicality. From first point of contact it’s clear they manufacture watches that ‘Make the perfect companion for life’s adventures’. For most of us this means a watch that looks great, goes well with most outfits (if you are style conscious) and can withhold the test of time, knocks and bumps.

Conceptualised in London and manufactured in Sweden, the production expertise is reflected in the flawless attention to detail and accuracy of manufacturing.

Offering a variety of automatic and quartz watches that are grouped and named after iconic explorers, according to the website. They also offer a great selection of straps, accessories and aftercare. Free next day delivery and finance options available, this is truly a British brand in terms of customer service and quality.


Founded by professional designer Piers Berry Based in Oxfordshire, England. At first glance this 4-year young company most certainly knows what it’s talking about and how to approach its market audience. Aimed towards, what appears to be watch enthusiasts or beginners looking for a sturdy and modern piece that runs on vintage Swiss movements and mechanics.

It’s quite clear that Pinon manufactures watches that are vintage and full of character under the mechanics, but modern yet traditional to English watch making. The timepieces most certainly scream quality, creativity and individuality.

Most definitely a growing company which prides in originality and finesse, its worth to take a look into if you’re on the lookout for a fine watch with exceptional performance.


Bremont, founded in 2002 and based in Henley on Thames is a slightly larger and prominent brand with a rich and broad history behind it. It’s clear that this brands focus is purely on quality. Coming from a background in crafting exceptional quality pilot’s watches, you know for sure that whatever you are buying will be of utmost luxurious quality.

Robustness is certainly at the heart of this brand, as it claims with the tagline “Tested beyond endurance”. Inspired by adventurers, explorers, mountaineers and pilots all the watches are hardened in the UK with added scratch resistance, anti reflection coatings as just to name a few qualities.

These remarkable timepieces are manufactured here in the UK, so once again quality and customer service is all out at a premium here. Covering a wide variety of ranges for activities from Pilots to Motorsports, if this is your market then you are most certainly in good hands.

With an impressive line up of partnerships and Ambassadors, Bremont is most definitely a brand with a serious mission for those looking for a serious timepiece.

Daniel Wellington

Based on founder, Filip Tysander this is a stylish and modern brand that has been seen all over media sported by fashion bloggers, influencers and celebrities alike. What appears to be aimed at the stylish, twenty something’s, Daniel Wellington offers a small but smart and wearable selection for both men and women.

Most watches come in a minimalistic and refined looking design that are completely interchangeable with their collection of NATO, leather and mesh straps and accessories. With four main designs, notably ‘Classic’, ‘Classic Black’, ‘Classic Petite’ and ‘Dapper’ there is something for everyone and every occasion.

The affordable price point of these watches most certainly doesn’t reflect the quality, with personal pleasure of owning one I can most certainly get carried away singing praises for this brand.

Harold Pinchbeck

A truly premium British brand, owned by Andy Rouse and Jack Brooksbank. Harold Pinchbeck offers attention to detail for each individual piece and customer. Offering a lifetime guarantee, five year guarantee and satisfaction guarantee on the mechanical performance of the watches clearly demonstrates the quality of this brand.

Each watch is designed and manufactured in England with individual craftsmanship. Harold Pinchbeck offers a fantastic watch service, ranging from pieces you can purchase straight away to bespoke and V.I.P consultations dependant on your needs.

Price points can be quite luxurious and high end, but most certainly worth the investment if this is what you’re in the market for.

Christopher Ward

An honest and forward thinking brand, Christopher Ward is a no frills premium watch brand. A clear pricing model (utilising a concept of multiplying the production costs by three to finalise a selling price), a culture of openness and honesty. The brand has a closer knit cultural feel with an approach to befriending the customer rather than treating them like a number.

Watch designs are very much British, with home grown calibres and movement under the hood. There is also a great deal of collaborations with manufacturers and business to provide the best parts and functionalities for their watches.

With four main collections on sale, Dress, Dive/Sport, Aviation, Motorsport once again it is fine quality over quantity. Most definitely not your casual preppy watches, but more so luxury and premium yet fine quality is at sale here.


A visually pleasing with a slight quirky feel to this company, Schofield appears like an extremely well established quality assuring company. With a little digging it seems this larger than life watch brand was established out of a small village in West Sussex. The business promises quality products whilst having a solid foundation for trading and offering services within the niche.

Some pieces are claimed to be manufactured in Germany and some within the UK with no expense spared in utmost quality and care coupled with the best level of customer service.

On offer is a small selection of minimal, neutral looking watches. With hues of grey, black and silver common throughout the line. More on the higher premium range of watches (ranging between £3,000 – £4,000) the detail is impeccable with the manufacturer putting in the effort to communicate the minute details, aftercare instructions and attention to detail that has gone into not only the mechanics but the eye catching exteriors.

MHD Watches

MHD is a more affordable mid-range brand that associates its watch collection with mechanics and engineering. It appears the watches are branded and marketed more towards “contemporary and classic car lovers”, professionals and those with a taste for finer mechanical treasures. And if that’s you, you are in safe hands with MHD.

With an impressive legacy of being founded in 2014 by a leading head of design at an automotive company to combine his love of design with passion for watches. Mathew Humphries Design is certainly recognised at international level.

Limited edition pieces and based on power house car components, MHD most definitely isn’t playing with its watches or customers. Carbon fibre, stainless steel, exoskeletons and laser cuts are only some of the words you’ll see in watch descriptions and boastings.

If you’re a bit of a car enthusiast and sporty yet technical is your idea of heaven, then MHD is most certainly the affordable yet quality brand to have a look into.

By Adil Hussain, November 27, 2017 A twenty something blogger who is an self proclaimed sartorialist with a knack for image consulting and styling. Along side this, an avid geek that dabbles in Java coding and web development with his spare time. Usually found sipping on iced coffee or travelling!

Adil Hussain

A twenty something blogger who is an self proclaimed sartorialist with a knack for image consulting and styling. Along side this, an avid geek that dabbles in Java coding and web development with his spare time. Usually found sipping on iced coffee or travelling!

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