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5 Of The Best Swedish Watchmakers For Men

Whilst it might be another “Sw” in Switzerland that is best known for their watchmaking credentials, there is another in the form of Sweden who are proving decidedly proficient in producing first class timepieces and if you’re after a striking, understated timepiece for someone, Sweden might just be the country to get it from.

Take a look at our pick of the 5 Best Swedish Watchmakers for Men below:

Triwa Watches

Probably the most recognisable name is Swedish watchmaking, Triwa recently celebrated their tenth anniversary with a rather awesome looking release – the Triwa TIO Watch – which typifies their quality in the watchmaking arena and makes them an essential addition to our list of the finest Swedish watchmakers.

Tusenö Watches

Gothenburg based watchmakers, Tusenö, are relative newcomers to the world of watchmaking but what they like in history, they more than make up for with the quality of the watches that they produced. Dapper in the extreme and pleasingly affordable, the first rate watches from Tusenö would look great on any style conscious man’s wrist.

Maen Watches

Minimalistic and classy as the come, this Swedish watchmaker have made waves on Kickstarter with their gloriously styled timepieces and it’s little wonder to see Maen establishing themselves as one of the leading Scandinavian purveyors of watches on the market. They are thoroughly modern timekeepers and the goal of Maen is to craft timepieces that exceed all expectations and boast unparalleled style on any man’s wrist.

Corniche Watches

Elegant, sophisticated and stylish in equal measure, the timepieces from Corniche are perfectly suited as a gift for any dapper chap in your life. Corniche are a real favourite of ours at The Gent’s Gift Guide because they dedicate themselves to producing affordable quality with their watches and there is a real air of luxury to all the timepieces that this Swedish watchmaker produces.

Hirwill Watches

A brand new Swedish watch brand but one that is steeped in traditional design principles, Hirwill Watches are micro timepiece brand that are dedicated to delivering the highest quality watches possible and they take their aesthetic inspiration from nature – especially the Swedish countryside in which their brand was born. A great looking, minimalist series of watches that any man would love to see on his wrist.

By Leo Davie, November 9, 2017 Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

Leo Davie

Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

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