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5 of the Best Speakers for Minimalist Homes

Most men today will be looking to add a minimalistic, understated vibe to their interior design endeavours and will want their tech choices to reflect this. There are plenty of options when it comes to fantastically well designed speakers that will dovetail brilliantly with any contemporary interior.

Check out our list of 5 of the best speakers for minimalist homes below:

Vifa Stockholm Speaker

Scandinavians and minimalist design typically go hand in hand and so it has proven with Danish audio experts, Vifa, and their excellent looking (and performing) Stockholm Speakers. These wonderfully understated speakers from Vifa are made using the classic principles of Nordic design: namely, high quality materials, a timeless aesthetic and a simple design. Developed through more than 80 years of refined craftsmanship, Vifa’s Hi-Fi technology is capable of filling your room with impeccable sound from virtually any music source.

Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers

With a mid-century style furniture vibe, these Moonraker Speakers from Bossa Sound are amongst the sleekest looking speakers on the market right now and, as you might expect, have a price-tag to match. Painfully cool design coupled with top of the range performance makes these a stand out choice of audio system for any modern home with a retro vibe. These Moonraker Speakers are made from a curved polymer shell which been carefully crafted to minimise resonances and diffraction. The end result is a audio solution with stunning imaging qualities and a breathtaking lack of harshness.

Shinola Bookshelf Speakers

Shinola are a brand we’re only too familiar with here at The Gent’s Gift Guide but we know them for their exemplary timepieces as opposed to their great looking, stylish speakers. The Shinola Bookshelf Speakers showcase their credentials in the audio arena and they are hand-crafted from the ground up by Alex Rosson alongside the Shinola Audio team. The sophisticated and striking bookshelf speakers are the perfect partner for Shinola’s Runwell Turntable (pictured above also).

Making Weather Cloud Speaker

Not your average looking audio device, this Making Weather Cloud Speaker from Richard Clarkson Studio consists of a mid-size cloud which levitates slightly atop a reflective oval base. Housed in both the base and the Cloud are magnetic elements which let the cloud hover 1 or 2 inches above the base. The breathtaking device boasts full rotational movement and a mesmerising vertical bobbing of the cloud for a more atmospheric experience. It has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights so you can use it to listen to your favourite tunes.

Bang & Olufsen A1 Portable Speaker

Bang & Olufsen are a brand synonymous with quality in the audio industry and if it’s a portable speaker that you’re after, you’ll find none better than the supremely understated A1 Speaker. This minimalistic little audio accessory packs a punch in the sound department despite its diminutive size and will follow you around the home or office to belt out the classics when and where you need it.

By Leo Davie, November 13, 2017 Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

Leo Davie

Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

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