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5 of the Best Hair Pomades For Men

Men are pretty serious about their grooming nowadays and if you know a fella that looks after his barnet and would love some grooming supplies as a gift, our list of 5 of the best hair pomades for men is going to steer you in the right direction. There are some cracking grooming brands out there and pomade is a staple of most of these.

Take a look at some of the best men’s hair pomades on the market in our list below:

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade

A fine purveyor of all things men’s grooming, Uppercut Deluxe, are a name you can rely on when it comes to pomades. Their Matt Pomade is one of the best in the business and is a medium hold, water soluble, no shine pomade that delivers a great aesthetic and a light, natural finish. First class performance regardless of the hair style or type.

O’Douds Multi-Purpose Pomade

Described as “sensible grooming, for sensible humans”, we’ve definitely got a soft spot for the wares of O’Douds, a US grooming brand, here at The Gent’s Gift Guide. Their Multi-Purpose Pomade is revolutionary in just how versatile it is and is the cornerstone product for O’Douds. From straight and fine hair to thick and curly hair, this top class pomade takes everything in its stride. With one scoop sufficient for a loose look, two for a more sophisticated look and, if you want slicked back hair, lob three in there.

Triumph & Disaster Ponsoby Pomade

New Zealand grooming brand, Triumph & Disaster, are old school in their vibe and products and their Ponsonby Pomade has everything any man is looking for in their hair grooming products. It boasts a natural tree resin which joins forces with Harakeke (NZ Flax oil) to protect and balance the scalp. Ponsonby Pomade is leading the way in what this type of product is capable of and it is proving that a pomade can both style your hair while also protecting it from damage.

Skull Wax Pomade

This Danish purveyor of grooming goods know what’s what when it comes to keeping your hair in check and the Skull Wax Pomade is ideal wax for medium length hair – it has a soft texture and a mild scent and leaves a shining hairstyle. As branding snobs at The Gent’s Gift Guide, this is definitely a good example of how to win our favour and for any man after a top performing pomade, this is up there with the best of them.

Byrd Classic Pomade

California vibes abound with the Classic Pomade from Byrd. This top notch grooming product from one of America’s best loved brands is and original wax based, medium sheen pomade that is perfectly suited to the slicked back look but won’t weigh your hair down in the process.

By Leo Davie, November 10, 2017 Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

Leo Davie

Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

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