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Best Cafetieres for Men

For some, coffee is just fuel to jump start the day or propel us through an afternoon lull.  For others coffee, and the art of making it, is an expression of personal style, attitudes and even status.  Either way, if you are looking for a great gift for a man a cafetiere, or French press as it’s also known, is a top choice.  They allow you to make a drink tailored to your taste (rich, smooth, strong, etc), without too much faff and mess.

So if you are buying for a man who prefers, as Jimmie puts it in Pulp Fiction, “gourmet expensive stuff because when I drink it, I want to taste it” – a cafetiere is definitely a top present.

While some will love the clean and classic glass and stainless steel model, others will be attracted to more durable designs and many will simply be attracted by the vibrant colours.  We have poured over and sampled dozens of cafetieres on the market to come up with our top five to suit every budget – and have we mentioned taste…

Stelton EM French Press



Sleek and sexy, this Scandi designed, red Stelton French Press has got to be the Ferrari of the cafetiere world.   Yet it is also one of the most practical and effective.  With its double walls and a simple opening and closing feature it will keep your coffee hot for a long time. Holding up to 8 cups, one pot is enough to keep you going all morning or to serve guests after dining.  It is also a dream to clean (not that that is a major priority).


La Cafetière Edited Pisa Cafetière Brushed Gold



This brushed gold-effect cafetière brings a touch of cafe culture into the home.   One of the most popular La Cafetière models, this large 8 cup pot is part of its premium coffee collection. Generously sized for sharing, it brews up to 8 cups of delicious fresh coffee (it is also available as a 3 cup option) while looking effortlessly stylish on the counter top or table.  It is also approved by Good Housekeeping, so you know it’s a winner.



Le Creuset


When it comes to stoneware kitchen icons, the names don’t come any bigger than Le Creuset.  Strong, durable, large capacity, weighty, easy to clean and scratch resistant, but also oh-so good looking!  Take this cafetiere with metal press in Marseille Blue (it comes in a wide range of eye-catching colours, Flint and Marine are particularly gorgeous), you’d definitely want to savour your coffee if it tastes as good as this pot looks.



Double Wall Stainless Steel Cafetiere

John Lewis


This stainless steel French press definitely reflects excellent taste – on all fronts.  Not only does it look incredibly stylish, but it also makes great coffee with minimum fuss.  Dozens of John Lewis customers have posted 5 star reviews about its performance.  They focus particularly on the fact it keeps their coffee (up to 8 cups) hot for a long time, not to be underestimated whether you are having a lazy Sunday morning reading the papers in bed or beavering away at your home desk from breakfast to lunchtime.




Finally, our list wouldn’t be complete without the classic Bodum Chambord.  This is the original French press coffee maker designed in the fifties and still as popular as ever.  The 8 cup cafetiere sits in the middle of the price range, but you can also opt for a 3 or 12 cup coffee maker.  Whatever you choose, the Chambord will not only produce excellent coffee, but also make a great finishing touch to any kitchen or dining table.

By Harriet Davie, September 12, 2018
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