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5 of the Best T-Shirt Brands For Typography Lovers

Know someone with a penchant for typography and illustration. Looking to drape them in awesomeness from a T-shirt point of view? You’re in luck then because we’re all about typography at The Gent’s Gift Guide and have compiled a list of 5 of the best T-shirt brands for typography lovers. Take a look at our picks below:

P & Co T-Shirts

As proud English chaps here at The Gent’s Gift Guide, we love to shout from the rooftops about British brands and P & Co are always one of our first ports of call for typography T-shirt excellence and if you know a man who loves this type of apparel, look no further. Great range of options, affordable and impeccably made. We approve.

Bexar Goods Co

T-shirts are sort of our bag and we’re perennial perves on what the guys at Bexar Goods Co are offering so if you’ve got a guy you wanted to get a super cool T-shirt for as a gift, you’ll be in you’re element here. American made goods that will tick all the requisite style and comfort boxes. Win, win.

In God We Must

Bold, stand out designs are the call of the day with the spiffing typography inspired tees from the chaps at In God We Must, an American apparel and lifestyle brand that we’ve got a lot of time for. Great looking wares will make the perfect gift for any fella looking to add a superb selection of illustration and typography centric T-shirts to their wardrobe rotation.

Yeaaah! Studio

Paris ┬ábased pedlars, Yeaaah! Studio are heavily influenced by tattoo culture so if you know a chap covered in ink that needs clothing in brilliant looking T-shirts, you know what gift to get them. This first class apparel and accessories brand have got more than enough options with their typography centric T-shirts to keep even the pickiest of men’s clothing aficionados happy.

Stand Tall Amongst Giants

Another apparel brand flying the flag for the UK, Stand Tall Amongst Giants AKA Stag Clothing, have got an abundance of awesome tees positively overflowing with striking typography inspired designs. We love T-shirts like this at The Gent’s Gift Guide and if you’ve got a chap in mind of a similar mindset, this is the clothing brand for you.

By Leo Davie, November 4, 2017 Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

Leo Davie

Leo is the creator of The Gent's Gift guide and takes inspiration from many a terrible gift both given and received over the years.

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