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Top 5 man candles

Having a gorgeously scented home is not just a female preserve!  Men are equally attuned to pleasing aromas, although the emphasis is usually on more earthy, richer and robust notes.  A candle makes a very thoughtful gift, especially if its scent evokes an emotional memory or response.

You can choose an earthy candle that gives out fresh woody blasts of roasted chestnuts to trigger thoughts of childhood woodland adventures.  Perhaps you might want to recreate the romance of an Italian sojourn with the aromatic citrus notes of lemon and mandarin orange.

Whatever you choose, there is undoubtedly a masculine candle to encapsulate the mood or feeling you might want to recreate or to simply bring a warm glow to his home after dark.  Here we get the chance to literally wax lyrical about the best man candles to provide an indelible inhalation in his home:

Eclectic Royalty

Tom Dixon


The eponymous brand Tom Dixon is always uncompromisingly stylish and this candle is an aromatic as well as aesthetic winner.  Beautifully described as ‘reminiscence of tea time with a pot of Earl Grey, scones, strawberry jam and the drive home in a ’52 Bentley with tatty leather seats’, it is in fact so delicious you will wish you could actually spread it and eat it!  Encased in a nickel hand-spun pot and complete with a solid Morwad marble lid, it has a burn time of 50 hours with heady notes of bergamot, lemon, mint and cedar wood.

Piccadilly ’69

Jack Perfume


Thespian-come-fragrancer and self-confessed ‘perfumed ponce’, Richard E. Grant has bottled a lifetime of aromatic memories combining evocative scents from his arrival at the London tube station as a young lad and his role in the cult classic Withnail & I, to create a beguiling range of candles to compliment his grooming products.  Capturing the notes of patchouli, bergamot, petrol, ginger and leather, this candle is an odiferous melting pot which burns for 40 hours and makes a capital gift!


House Blend

Damn Handsome Grooming Co


With a beguiling blend of tobacco, sandalwood and cypress this masculine candle emanates a rich, warm aroma.  It is also made of 100% soy – a natural, carbon neutral resource – which means it burns clean and long, filling a room with its earthy, masculine scent.

Baise Noir



A darkly sophisticated blend of roses punctuated with notes of blackcurrant leaves, this candle exudes a delectable scent which suffeses the most design-conscious homes, restaurants and high-end retail stores. The seductive Baies scent is presented in an ultra-suave black glass container and will add a touch of Don Draper-esque cool to his home.

Black Peppercorn

Molton Brown


A distinctive classic, this mighty three-wick scented candle, blended with notes of ginger, amber and bergamot, spiced with a mix of pepper and coriander exudes masculinity.   Inspired by the heated sands of Madagascar, the exquisite Black Peppercorn candle will instantly pep up his home with an inviting warm glow and a heady aroma.  Also available as a single wick candle for £39

By Denna Bowman, September 19, 2018
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